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 International assistÓnce
American weapons will help reduce casualties among Ukrainian troops
Comments of experts. 04 February 2015. Keywords International assistÓnce, USA, Army equipment
The amount of Western aid will be increased soon enough
Comments of experts. 18 December 2014. Keywords International assistÓnce, Government
International Conference ôThe Role of International Organizations in the National Security of Ukraineö
News. 19 September 2013. Keywords International assistÓnce, Civil society
The ratings show Ukraineĺs inefficient use of international assistance
Comments of experts. 27 January 2011. Keywords International assistÓnce, Democracy, Economic ratings
NATO is willing to provide financial, advisory and other assistance to Ukraine
Comments of experts. 24 May 2016. Keywords NATO, International assistÓnce, Armed forces reform
On foreign policy measures to force Russia to make peace
Articles. 29 January 2015. Keywords UN, International assistÓnce, Russia, War
After French elections, one should expect changes to the "Normandy" format
Comments of experts. 29 November 2016. Keywords Council of Europe, International assistÓnce
The separatist conflict costs Ukraine $10 million a day
Comments of experts. 19 January 2015. Keywords ATO, Economic crisis, Economic reforms, International assistÓnce
The IMF will remain the main creditor of Ukraine in the near future
Comments of experts. 23 December 2014. Keywords IMF, World bank, State's debt, International assistÓnce

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