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 Security policy
II International Conference "Security Sector Governance: The Role of Democratic Institutions & International Best Practices"
News. 17 March 2016. Keywords Security policy
Press conference Citizens of Ukraine on Security: Assessments, Threats, Solutions to Problems
News. 01 December 2015. Keywords Security policy, Polls, Civil society
SIPRI Yearbook 2014 launch
News. 09 November 2015. Keywords Security policy
The Razumkov Centre attended a roundtable to discuss the projects of the Military doctrine of Ukraine and the development Conception for security and defence sector of Ukraine
News. 13 July 2015. Keywords Security policy, Civil society
Participation in the roundtable Security Challenges: Ukraine, Europe, the World
News. 06 November 2014. Keywords Security policy
Expert discussion on "Problems of modernization of Ukraines defence policy
News. 12 October 2010. Keywords Security policy
International conference Ukraine in the European security system
News. 09 June 2010. Keywords Security policy, Spain
Roundtable discussion: Priorities for Defence and Security Sector Reform in Ukraine
News. 28 May 2010. Keywords Security policy, NATO
International Security Forum took place
News. 22 April 2010. Keywords Security policy
Round table "Conceptual Approaches to Reforming the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Context of the National Reform Plan"
News. 17 April 2015. Keywords Police, Security policy
International forum Defence Sector Reform: Political and Legislative Issues
News. 18 February 2015. Keywords Armed forces reform, Security policy
Round Table NATO-Ukraine Partnership: Current State and Prospects
News. 20 November 2014. Keywords NATO, Security policy, Civil society
Findings of the sociological study "Citizens of Ukraine on Security: Assessment, Threats, Solutions to Problems"
News. 14 October 2014. Keywords Polls, Security policy
Roundtable NATO-Ukraine partnership in the framework of Ukraines non-bloc status
News. 28 April 2012. Keywords NATO, Security policy
The Razumkov Centre Newsletter 4 (11 September 2014)
News. 11 September 2014. Keywords Pariliamentary elections, Economic crisis, Gas conflict, Security policy
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