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The role of international organisations in Ukraine: capabilities and limits
Articles. 14 September 2015. Keywords UN, NATO, OSCE, EU, Security policy
On foreign policy measures to force Russia to make peace
Articles. 29 January 2015. Keywords UN, International assistаnce, Russia, War
The United Nations General Assembly has given Ukraine a tool to protect its interests
Comments of experts. 01 April 2014. Keywords UN, Russia, Сrimea
The final decision on the case of the MH17 crash should be made by an international tribunal
Comments of experts. 20 July 2015. Keywords Disasters, UN, Russia, Donbas
Without execution of the Minsk agreements, a peacekeeping mission in Donbas will not be successful
Comments of experts. 10 April 2015. Keywords Peacekeepers, UN, Russia, War, Donbas
Recognising Russia as an aggressor will enable the UN to influence the policy of the Kremlin more actively
Comments of experts. 02 February 2015. Keywords Russia, UN, War, Сrimea, Donbas
Russia may use a trick of offering its peacekeeping mission in Donbas
Comments of experts. 21 January 2016. Keywords Peacekeepers, Russia, UN, Donbas
The ceasefire in Donbas is unlikely to last long
Comments of experts. 07 September 2015. Keywords War, Donbas, Russia, UN

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