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Cluster munitions scandal was arranged to discredit Ukraine
Comments of experts. 30 October 2014. Keywords War, Human rights, Donbas
Russia does not control the conflict in Donbas but affects the level of its escalation
Comments of experts. 09 October 2014. Keywords War, Russia
The risk of the conflict spreading beyond Donbas is constant
Comments of experts. 06 October 2014. Keywords War, Terrorism, Russia
Frozen conflict is not the worst alternative in the eastern Ukraine
Comments of experts. 25 September 2014. Keywords War, Russia
The volunteers battalions are very strong in Ukrainian society
Comments of experts. 09 September 2014. Keywords War
Russia is blackmailing Ukraine and Europe with the threat of escalation of the conflict in Donbas
Comments of experts. 07 November 2014. Keywords Russia, War, Donbas
When there is a real ceasefire, separatists will be responsible for their actions
Comments of experts. 24 October 2014. Keywords Terrorism, War
The laws on Donbas status give good prospects for an extension to the cease-fire
Comments of experts. 22 September 2014. Keywords Conflict, War
The political fate of Poroshenko will depend on price of the peace in Donbas
Comments of experts. 18 September 2014. Keywords Poroshenko, War
Without Russian support, the anti-Kyiv insurgency would lose
Comments of experts. 28 August 2014. Keywords Russia, War, Poroshenko
Between Ukraine and Russia the word 'war' is not dismissed as impossible
Comments of experts. 14 September 2009. Keywords Russia, War
The special status of Donbas apparently was a part of the agreements in Minsk
Comments of experts. 18 September 2014. Keywords State organization, Constitution, War, Situation in Ukraine
Russian “peacekeeping forces” symbol was found on the vehicles in Donbas
Comments of experts. 18 September 2014. Keywords Russia, Peacekeepers, War
The peace plan of President Poroshenko showed Kyiv above all sought peace
Comments of experts. 04 July 2014. Keywords President of Ukraine, Russia, War
Growing tension in the Soviet Central Asia distracts Russian forces from Ukraine
Comments of experts. 10 June 2014. Keywords Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, War
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