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Corruption schemes pose the biggest threat to the energy security of Ukraine
Comments of experts. 14 December 2015. Keywords Corruption, Energy independence, Coal
Ukrainians consider corruption the biggest threat to national security
Comments of experts. 02 December 2015. Keywords Corruption, Polls
President Yanukovych is struggling for Ukraine under his personal property
Comments of experts. 11 February 2014. Keywords Corruption, Yanukovych, Protest
New anti-corruption law contains the experience of Western European states
Comments of experts. 11 July 2011. Keywords Corruption
Timoshenkos government uncovered misuse is inherent to other governments as well
Comments of experts. 18 October 2010. Keywords Corruption, Government, Tymoshenko, Local elections
Expert discussion: Political Corruption in Ukraine: State, Factors, Means of Overcoming
News. 30 November 2009. Keywords Corruption
Excessive government intervention in the economy hinders human development in Ukraine
Comments of experts. 19 March 2013. Keywords Situation in Ukraine, Administrative reform, Corruption, Salary
Ukraines authorities wont sue Gazprom as it might harm their business
Comments of experts. 21 February 2012. Keywords Gas price, Corruption, Gazprom
The state cannot fight tax fraud as it is beneficial for the officials
Comments of experts. 24 February 2011. Keywords Taxes, Corruption
The oligarchs will influence the presidentials despite an economic downturn
Comments of experts. 17 April 2009. Keywords Presidential elections, Corruption, Political elite
The EU is expected to approve vise-free regime with Ukraine from the second half of 2016
Comments of experts. 16 December 2015. Keywords EU, Visas, Corruption
Take-or-pay penalty on gas supplies indicates failure of Ukraines strategy towards Gazprom
Comments of experts. 30 January 2013. Keywords Gas conflict, Naftohaz Ukrayiny, Gazprom, Corruption
Unlike many EU politicians, Biden objectively assessed the situation in Donbas
Comments of experts. 10 December 2015. Keywords USA, EU, Donbas, Corruption
The government are trying to put the entire price of reforms on ordinary citizens
Comments of experts. 03 July 2015. Keywords Economic reforms, European integration, EU, Corruption
Problems may arise during local elections in Ukraine
Comments of experts. 05 June 2015. Keywords Local elections, Elections process, Ukrainian parliament, Coalition, Corruption
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