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A meeting with Deputy Head of the EU Advisory Mission
News. 28 January 2015. Keywords EU, Civil society
Yanukovychs trip to Brussels lays out foundation for the October EU-Ukraine summit
Comments of experts. 14 September 2010. Keywords EU, European integration
Ukraine is not ready to meet the EU president
Comments of experts. 09 July 2010. Keywords EU
Ukraine should strive for complete EU visa abolition
Comments of experts. 27 January 2009. Keywords EU, Visas
Meeting with Chairperson of the Institute for Strategic Studies (Poland)
News. 30 September 2014. Keywords Poland, EU
EU will not condemn the local elections in Ukraine
Comments of experts. 03 November 2010. Keywords Local elections, EU
The interests of oligarchs hinder fulfilling the obligations to the EU on Naftogaz
Comments of experts. 27 September 2010. Keywords Naftohaz Ukrayiny, EU
Changes to the law on domestic and foreign policy contain serious faults
Comments of experts. 02 June 2010. Keywords Neutrality, Russia, NATO, EU
Ukraines foreign policy on the new stage round-table
News. 04 March 2010. Keywords Foreign Office, Russia, EU, USA
Electricity exports to EU will be renewed
Comments of experts. 02 March 2010. Keywords Electricity, EU
Yanukovychs first trip to Brussels doesnt mean the priority to EU relations
Comments of experts. 23 February 2010. Keywords Yanukovych, Russia, EU
EU-Ukraine gas deal thwarts Russian hopes
Comments of experts. 25 March 2009. Keywords Gas transportation, Russia, EU
Gas markets of the EU and Ukraine: problems of development and integration (specialised discussion)
News. 27 November 2008. Keywords Gas, Gas transportation, EU
"Ukraine on the road to European integration: achievements, problems and prospects" (round table)
News. 26 June 2008. Keywords European integration, EU
Participation in the EuropeUkraine Forum in Lodz (Poland)
News. 17 February 2015. Keywords Civil society, Poland, EU
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