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Pre-emptive Compromise Would Imperil Ukraine

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 6, 2016

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      Annual Report-2015

Comments of experts

29 November 2016

The United States joining the "Normandy format" will have negative consequences for Ukraine

29 November 2016

After French elections, one should expect changes to the "Normandy" format

Council of Europe, International assistnce
03 November 2016

Today, we are dealing with lack of confidence in political power and parties

Political elite, Political persecution
26 October 2016

Visa-free regime for Ukraine: Mikhail Pashkov assessed Poroshenkos optimism
26 October 2016

Mikhail Pashkov took part in VI National Expert Forum "Key Issues of the Year

22 October 2016

How to attract investments in Ukraine We need a straightforward policy to ensure that investors feel more confident

EUR, Budget, UAH, USD
22 October 2016

Giving the public an opportunity to pay utility bills in instalments - is a half measure that does not solve the payment problem. That is what Volodymyr Omelchenko, Director for energy Programmes of the Razumkov Centre told ZIK news agency.

Electricity, Gas, Oil
28 July 2016

Any cooperation between NATO and Russia should be regarded with skepticism

NATO, Russia
15 July 2016

Relations between NATO and Russia very closely resemble the time of the Cold War

Russia, NATO
Articles, interviews

Vasyl Yurchyshyn 

These UAH 3,000 next year can value less than UAH 1,500 today
Victor Logatskiy 

The final international conference related to the completion of the project of The International Visegrad Fund Institutional Reform of Ukraines Energy Sector in the Context of its Integration in EU Market
Maksym Bugriy 

Ukraines Resilience Strengthens, Though Regional Cohesion Risks Remain

Situation in Ukraine, Regional diversity, Identity, Ethnic nationality, Nationality
Victor Logatskiy 

Energy sector of Ukraine in 2014-2016: review and SWOT-analysis

Fuel reserve, Energy saving, Energy independence, Coal, Gas
Oleksiy Melnyk 

Brexit poses a threat of completely undermining the unity of the EU on sanctions against Russia

Great Britain, European integration, EU, Russia, Visas

09 December 2016

Central European Day of Energy
25 November 2016

24 2016. " 䳿 : "
23 November 2016

22 2016. .. ˳ -.

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