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Pre-emptive Compromise Would Imperil Ukraine
James Sherr, 13 January 2017
These UAH 3,000 next year can value less than UAH 1,500 today
Vasyl Yurchyshyn, 28 October 2016
The final international conference related to the completion of the project of The International Visegrad Fund Institutional Reform of Ukraines Energy Sector in the Context of its Integration in EU Market
Victor Logatskiy, 15 September 2016
Ukraines Resilience Strengthens, Though Regional Cohesion Risks Remain
Maksym Bugriy, 14 July 2016  Situation in Ukraine, Regional diversity, Identity, Ethnic nationality, Nationality
Energy sector of Ukraine in 2014-2016: review and SWOT-analysis
Victor Logatskiy, 01 July 2016  Fuel reserve, Energy saving, Energy independence, Coal, Gas
Brexit poses a threat of completely undermining the unity of the EU on sanctions against Russia
Oleksiy Melnyk, 30 June 2016  Great Britain, European integration, EU, Russia, Visas
The Initial Situation Before Conducting Security Sector Reform in the Ukraine
Maksym Bugriy, 08 June 2016  Security policy, Armed forces reform
For Russia, the price for a large-scale attack at Ukraine is now much higher than two years ago
Oleksiy Melnyk, 02 June 2016  Russia, Donbas, War
Ukraines New Concept Paper on Security and Defense Reform
Maksym Bugriy, 26 April 2016  Armed forces reform, Security policy, Armed forces of Ukraine
What threats the fulfilment of the Minsk Agreements poses to Ukraine
Oleksiy Melnyk, 03 March 2016  Donbas, Russia, Germany
Russias Moves to Gain Dominance in the Black Sea
Maksym Bugriy, 18 February 2016  Russia, Black Sea region, Gas
Destruction of Donbas Economy Supports Local Russia-Backed Insurgency
Maksym Bugriy, 23 December 2015  Donbas, Russia, Economic crisis
Analytical report Debt: time to take and time to give. Global trends and challenges for Ukraine
Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Volodymyr Sidenko, Kateryna Markevych, 04 November 2015  State's debt, Budget, Economic crisis
Hybrid warfare: the lessons of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict
Mykola Sunhurovskyi, 18 September 2015  Russia, War, Donbas, rimea
The role of international organisations in Ukraine: capabilities and limits
Oleksiy Melnyk, 14 September 2015  UN, NATO, OSCE, EU, Security policy
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